Product Designer

At Humanloop, we're creating systems for humans and AI to work together. We will make working with AI is as intuitive as instructing a smart coworker.

We are building a platform to train and deploy AI applications. We enable teaching the AI what to do by example (hand labelling data points), by explanation (providing rules and heuristics) and by demonstration. Unlike traditional machine learning, it is done as dialogue with the AI model, focusing on the areas that are most confusing.

We are empowering domain experts, not just data scientists, to create these systems. As a result, we need to design systems that are both intuitive and simple with the user.

As an interaction designer, you will play a key role in defining and creating these tools for human-AI interaction.

Your primary mission will be to understand user needs and product requirements and transform that understanding into intuitive interactions and product.

Skills required

  • Excellent communication skills. You will feel comfortable talking to users and engineers. You'll set design principles and direction, as well as design systems and reasoning.
  • Rapid prototyping to validate design concepts with stakeholders and customers.
  • Beautiful designs and prototypes that bring simplicity to the otherwise complicated
  • Passion for AI and machine learning. You don't need to be an expert but you should know or be keen to learn key concepts that are crucial for this work (what is overfitting, a training set, evaluation metrics etc).
  • User focus and high empathy. You understand users and can translate user stories and propose design approaches or services to meet these needs. You put users first and can manage competing priorities.
  • A working understanding of code, helping to make practical tradeoffs.


We think that people with amazing ability can come from all sorts of backgrounds. We care more about past work than any specific qualifications.

What does success look like?

  • You hold yourself and the rest of the team to a high bar and design experiences that are not just functional, but delightful to our users
  • You'll create components and design systems that scale with us as organisation
  • You are a product leader who comes up with great initiatives and product ideas, and not just someone who takes a feature and make it "functional"
  • You can and can grow to leading a design team
  • You communicate your thoughts and decisions clearly and proactively, and talk to users, knowing that their expectation may differ from your intuition.

Remote first, with dedicated in-person meetups

We're aiming for the best of remote and in-person. We're an online-first company, based in GMT (London). We also believe that building strong culture and innovating require trust and facetime, so we want to be able to meet in person at least once a month for bonding, ideating and hacking.

We ask you must have the ability to travel to London once a month for a day or two.

How to apply?

Send us an email at with the job title in the subject and your CV/portfolio and why you're interested. We want to get to know you so also tell about yourself, why you want to join the team and your passions and interests.